Year of Founding
Head Coach
Pavlov Vitali
213810, Бобруйск, ул. 50 лет ВЛКСМ, 26


Foundation year: 1976

Stadium: Spartak (3700)

Colours: Red-black

President: Vitali Bylinin

Titles: Champion of Belarus (2001); three time Belarus cup winner (1996/1997, 1998/1999, 2000/2001);

Honours: Belarus championship silver medals (1997), Belarus championship bronze medals (1996, 1998)

Biggest victory in the championship: 7:0 («Vedrich», 1996; «Dinamo-Brest», 2014)

Heaviest defeat in the championship: 1:6 («Molodechno», 1995), 0:5 («Molodechno» 1994/1995; BATE, 2004; «Dinamo-Minsk», 2004).

The most games in the championship: Eduard Gradoboev – 249

Top scorer in the championship: Andrei Khlebosolov – 69

Top scorer in one season:  Andrei Khlebosolov – 34 (1996)

Most efficient player in the championship: Andrei Khlebosolov – 96 (69+27)

Most efficient player in one season: Andrei Khlebosolov – 37 (34+3, 1996)

All club names: «Shinnik» (1976-1995); «Belshina» (since 1996)

In the top division since the 1993/1994 season (except 2005, 2007-2009, 2017-2019, 2021).

Having appeared in the premier league in the season of 1993/1994 the club from Bobruisk collected powers and by the end of the decade approached the top three. After the bronze medals won in 1996 «Belshina» attmpted to claim the gold medals but at the end of the season lost to a more experiemced club «Dinamo-Minsk». The same year the club won it's first Belarusian cup. The club from Bobruisk also reached the last 32 of the UEFA Cup winner's cup, were they lost to «Lokomotiv» from Moskva (1:2, 0:3). The key success came in 2001 when led by head coach Vyacheslav Akshaev «Belshina» made a golden double. Uneasy times came soon after the victories. In 2004 the club got relegated to the first league. The former champion returned to elite level with the help of head coach Aleksandr Sednev, unfortunatelly the lack of financial stability led to another relegation to the first league in 2016.