Year of Founding
Head Coach
Merkulov Alexei
220045, Minsk, Semashko street, 13
+375 (17) 277-05-35


Foundation year: 1996

Stadium: «Gorodskoi», Molodechno (4800)

Colours: white-blue

Director: Aleksandr Zakharchenya

Titles: second league (D3) winner (1998)

Honours: second league (D3) silver medals (2001), first league silver medals (2018)

All club names: «Zvezda» (1996-1997); «Zvezda-VA-BSU» (1998-2004); «Zvezda-BSU» (2005-2017); RCOR-BSU (since 2017)

The club was founded in 1996 and started playing in the second league (D3). In several years RCOR BSU got promoted to the first league (D2) and later on to the premier league (D1). The club spent for years on the elite level of Belarusian football and got relegated. From 2008 untill 2013 the white-blues competed in the second league (D3). In 2014 the team returned to the second division and in four years won the right to play in the premier league once again after finishing the season in second place.