Year of Founding
Head Coach
Gorovtsov Andrei
246050, Gomel, Vosstaniya square, 1
+375 (23) 234-99-80


Foundation year:   1959

Stadium: Centralni (14307)

Сolours: white-green

Director: Vasili Drozdov

Titles: Champion of Belarus (2003); two time Belarus cup winner (2001/2002, 2010/2011, 2021/2022); Belarus Supercup winner (2012), three time First league (D2) winner (1997, 2010, 2016)

Honours: Belarus championship silver medals (2007); Belarus championship bronze medals (1999, 2011) 

Biggest victory in the championship:  6:0 («Slutsk», 2019)

Heaviest defeat in the championship:  0:7 («Fandok», 1992/1993)

The most games in the championship:  Maksim Razumov– 189

Top scorer in the championship:  Viktor Borel – 64  

Top scorer in one season: Roman Vasiliuk – 24 (2007)

Most efficient player in the championship: Viktor Borel – 85 (64+21)

Most efficient player in one season: Roman Vasiliuk – 38 (24+14, 2007)

All club names: «Lokomotiv» (1959-1963); «Spartak» (1964-1968); «Gomselmash» (1969-1975); «Mashinostroitel» (1976-1977); «Gomselmash» (1978-1995); «Gomel» (since 1995)

The club took part in the first championship of Belarus and missed only 5 seasons in the top division (1995-1997, 2010, 2016).

«Gomel» almost always returned to top flight Belarusian football in colours. For example in 1998 the team finished 5th and in one year won the bronze medals. In 2003 to the delight of the fans the club from the south-eastern part of Belarus won the Championship.  In 2011 players from Gonel won the Belarus cup and added another bronze medals set in autumn. The 2007 season is also worth mentioning when the «white greens» with head coach Anatoli Yurevich confidently took the silver medals. Out of the European campaigns the clash with FC «Liverpool» in the qualification of the UEFA Europa League 2012/2013 is something that will always stay in the books. The first game at «Centralni» the English club was under pressure. «Gomel» had several opportunities to score but failed to convert, while the club from Merciside used it's chance and took home a minimal victory. FC «Gomel» are currently one of only four clubs that won all domestic trophies including the championship, cup and supercup.