Year of Founding
Head Coach
Bionchik Ivan
247760, Mozyr, Yanki Kupali street, 26-а
+375 (23) 634-35-64


Foundation year: 1987

Stadium: Юность (5253)

Сolours: red-black 

Director: Andrei Vasilets

Titles: two time champion of Belarus (1996, 2000); two time Belarus cup winner (1995/1996, 1999/2000); three time First league (D2) winner (1994/95, 2011, 2018)

Honours: Belarus championship silver medals (1995, 1999), bronze medals winner of the CIS and Baltics Champions cup (2001)

Biggest victory in the championship: 7:0 («Neman», 1995; «Lida», 1999)

Heaviest defeat in the championship: 0:8 («Neman», 2012)

The most games in the championship: Igor Balin — 170 (1996, 1997-2005)

Top scorer in the championship:  Valeri Stripeikis — 47 (1999-2001)

Top scorer in one season: Roman Vasiliuk — 31 (2000)

Most efficient player in the championship: Valeri Stripeikis — 62 (47+15)

Most efficient player in one season: Roman Vasiliuk — 42 (31+11, 2000)

All club names: «Polesie» (1987-1994/95, 1-st leg); MPKC (1994/95, 2-nd leg -1997); «Slavia» (1998-2005); «Mozyr-ZLiN» (2006); «Mozyr» (2007); «Slavia-Mozyr» (since 2008)

The club played in the top divsion starting from the championship of 1995 (except from seasons 2006-2011, 2014 and 2017).

The history of  FC «Slavia» has everything including: championship trophies, cups, changes of names, relegation... In the middle of the 90s the club from Mozyr (at that time under the name MPKC) was a strong team which gained power step by step and eventually became the first to overcome the dominating «Dinamo-Minsk». The championship winning team of 1996 with head coach Anatoli Yurevich included a lot of famous players and consequently coaches in its rooster: Kulchi, Maksim Romaschenko, Yaromko, Sednev, Skorobogatko, Maleev, Golmak, Gorovoi, Gomonov. The next peak was reached in 2000 when the «red-blacks» were led by two super strikers Vasiliuk and Stripeikis. «Slavia» took a «double»: won both the Belarus cup and the gold medals of the championship. Nevertherless great results were followed by a setback which ended with a relegation to the first league for a period of six years. In 2011 vicory in the scond division allowed the club from Mozyr to return to the list of the countries best clubs but only for two seasons. In 2014 an experienced head coach Yuri Puntus took charge of «Slavia» and took the club back to elite level straight away. Starting from 2015 the club was part of the premier league but in 2015 finished 15th and got relegated once again. The team showed a confident display in the next season of the first league and won the championship having stayed unbeaten in 28 games.