Year of Founding
Head Coach
Pavlov Aleksandr
210009, Vitebsk, Liudnikova avenue, 12
+375 (21) 243-69-20


Foundation year: 1960

Stadium: СSK «Vitebski» (8350)

Colours: blue-white

Director: Nikolai Vaitiukhovski

Titles: Belarus cup winner (1997/1998)

Honours: Belarus championship silver medals (1993, 1995)

Biggest victory in the championship: 6:1 («Svisloch-Krovlia», 1999), 5:0 («Gomselmash», 1992, 1994/95; «Kommunalnik», 1997)

Heaviest defeat in the championship: 0:6 («Slavia», 2001; BATE, 2002; MTZ-RIPO, 2004)

The most games in the championship: Oleg Voropaev — 246

Top scorer in the championship: Sergei Vekhtev — 50

Top scorer in one season: Vitali Aleschenko — 17 (1999)

Most efficient player in the championship: Sergei Vekhtev — 81 (50+31)

Most efficient player in one season: Maksim Razumov — 20 (13+7), 1997; Vitali Aleschenko — 20 (17+3), 1999.

All club names: «Krasnoe znamia» (1960-1963), «Dvina» (1963-85) , «Vitiaz» (1985-88), KIM (1989-94), «Dvina» (1994-95), «Lokomotiv-96» (1996-2002), «Lokomotiv» (2003-2006)

In the top division since the first championship (except 2003, 2005, 2012-2014). The team from Vitebsk has always been in good standing. Especially in the beginning of the 90s. Two sets of silver medals are the best evidence. In 1998 FC «Динамо» achieved succes in the Belarus cup having beaten «Dinamo-Minsk» in the final. Serious difficulties came in the beginning of 2000s and as it often is had finanacial reasons. As a result the club got relegated to the second division. After the return to the top division there eas a certain warmth in the results, «Vitebsk» came 5th (with Andrei Chernyshev and later Aleksandr Khatskevich as head coach). Another recession occured shortly and as a result the club spent two years in the second division once again. The club got promoted in december 2014 after victory over «Dnepr» Mogilev in a play-off match for a spot in the premier league. In 2018 the team finished just short of a place in the top three falling behind the third place just by 2 points.