Championship of the Republic of Belarus on football among women's teams of the highest league

Until the 1970s, football was considered predominantly a male sport, but lately, women's football has penetrated into the hearts of fans as a spectacular sport in no way inferior to men's soccer.

Meanwhile, the very idea of ​​a female “foot ball” is not new. The earliest evidence of its existence are murals created in China about 2,000 years ago.

Over time, he gained recognition in many countries, primarily in Norway, Sweden, Italy, and a little later in Germany and the United States (where, according to some sources, girls and women already make up about 40 percent of the total number of players in different clubs).

The Swedes won the first European Championship (1984). But now in the Old World is clearly dominated by female footballers in Germany. They have 8 European titles, the last of which was won by them in Sweden in the summer of 2013.

In 1988, a “trial” international tournament of world rank was held in China. The trial turned out to be successful, and three years later the first official World Cup in women's football was held with the participation of 12 teams. Women made their debut not only as players, but also judges: first on the line, and the match for 3rd place - between the teams of Sweden and Germany - Claudia de Vasconcelos (Brazil) was judged as a referee. The first in the history of the world champions were the footballers of the USA, who beat Norway 2: 1 in the final.

The 1995 World Championships hosted Sweden. The victory this time was celebrated by the footballers of Norway, who won in the final against the German team 2: 0. Representatives of Europe dominated the championship, although their advantage was no longer as unconditional as in past years.

This was confirmed by the next world championship, held in America - with the participation of 16 teams. Footballers in the USA and China reached the final. The hostess won the penalty shootout 5: 4. This match was set record attendance for women's competitions - more than 90000 spectators. And women's football itself - just like women's sports in general - after the World Cup 99 came to a completely new level.

In 1996, women's football was first included in the program of the Olympic Games (athletes of at least 16 years old take part in the competition). In the tournament in Atlanta 8 teams participated. Gold medals won the US team, in the final beat the Chinese team 2: 1. Four years later - at the Games in Sydney - the American women reached the final again, but lost with a 2: 3 score to the female players from Norway, who scored the “golden goal” in extra time.

In 2002, Canada hosted the first World Cup among women under 19 years old, in which 12 teams took part. In the final, the hostess of the tournament gave way to the neighbors of the American, who managed to score a "golden goal".

An annual football award was instituted among women playing football. It was awarded to the best football player of the past calendar year. She is awarded the footballer who received the largest number of votes from coaches and captains of national teams, as well as journalists from around the world.

Women's football in Belarus is also not standing still. And among the women's teams in our country competitions are held for teams of the highest league, and for girls who just came to engage in this sport.

The first championship in the women's major league was held in 1992. In the season of 2013, 9 teams participate. The current champion of Belarus - FC "Minsk".